I’m Not A Crafter

OK, so I’m not a crafter.  I have some craftiness in me, thanks to my mother, but I am not a gifted crafter.  I say this, because I’m warning you before you continue reading this post.

I recently spent some time crafting……and I think things went fairly well.  I’ve been wanting to make these floating ghosts for over 2 years.  I originally saw them on Martha Stewart, but they seemed a little too complicated for me at the time.   Well, I have a little more time on my hands currently AND I saw this awesome tutorial on how to do it.  I was visiting one of my favorite blogs, My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia and saw this feature from Love and Laundry that made me feel more confident that I could pull it off.  You can also check out Martha Stewart’s tutorial.

I used almost the exact same process as Shatzi at Love and Laundry.  The supplies needed include cheesecloth, cornstarch, water, parchment/wax paper, large vase, a balloon, and black felt and a glue gun for the eyes.  Combine 2 cups of cornstarch with 1 cup of water and microwave in a glass container for approximately 2 minutes (be sure to microwave in 30 second increments or it’ll get too thick too fast- I made this mistake).

Ghost #1’s homemade liquid starch ended up a bit thick, but it got the job done.  Ghost #2’s batch of liquid starch was less thick and easier to work with.

Good consistency above, cooked to long consistency below.  I’ve since seen a couple more floating ghost tutorials and they’ve used a much more liquid mix and the finished products looked similar.

I had help from Little Miss E & Little Miss M on Ghost #2.  They wanted Ghost #2’s head to be larger, so we inserted a larger balloon.  You can also use a styrofoam ball, but using a balloon makes removing the floating ghost easier.  Just pop the balloon and your good!

Soak the cheesecloth in the homemade liquid cornstarch.  Be sure to cover the entire piece(s) of cheesecloth.  You’ll want all of it to be stiff after it dries.

Remember the wax paper (I only had parchment paper and it worked well) or you’ll have hardened cornstarch to clean up on your table surface.  The drying process takes about 24 hours, so the kitchen table might not be the best idea for this craft….oops!

Here’s Ghost #1.  Ghost #1 initially got a Sharpie marker for eyes, but they weren’t dramatic enough, so I cut out black felt and got to hot-glueing them on.


Here’s Ghost #2.

They didn’t turn out exactly like Love and Laundry’s, but I’m happy with them.

We host our neighborhood’s Halloween party every year and I think these will make a great addition to my home’s spooky decor.  Little Miss E & Little Miss M are in love.

I’m thinking that next year, I’ll make some in a smaller version, like these from Country Living:

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I also made this quick little wreath from a styrofoam plate, orange and black mesh and black fringe wire (all things that were lying around the house/craft room).

I cut out the inside of the plate so it looked like this:

I simply cut strips of the mesh and black wire and tied them individually to the plate “ring”.  The styrofoam plate tears easily, so be gentle when tying on the mesh.

Easy Peasy!

Our Halloween front door decor:  homemade Halloween wreath with Do Not Enter tape compliments of Little Miss E.

I think I fulfilled my crafts for the month of October.  I couldn’t help but be inspired by visiting all of my wonderful crafty blogger friends out there.

I’m sticking to my painting projects for a while!

Thanks, Angela

5 thoughts on “I’m Not A Crafter

  1. Pretty crafty for “not a crafty person”! Love the little ghosties hanging from the light fixture! That is really so adorable. Great idea and you are really working those craft muscles, disciplining them into submission. Good work!

      • Well, the pickle will stay up for a while and probably come down (orders of my daughter who is bringing her boyfriend home to meet the family – apparently it’s embarrassing) and then it’ll go back up. If I get tired of it, I would sell it, but it would take a team of muscle-armed mailmen to deliver it. It’s 8 feet long and about 3+ feet tall with the curve. It weighs about as much as a 4 year old. Maybe a hefty 5 year old. So it seems anyway. :)

  2. I really love the little ghosts, they would make a super cute garland. I am going to keep that in mind for next year. Great job o. The wreath, love idea of using a plate for a wreath form!

  3. Your ghosts turned out awesome!!! I’m so glad that I could inspire you to do something crafty. ;) And thank you so much for sharing with me! That really made my night!

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